Questions answered – 1

Are you going to be posting more of your adventures on here or xtube?

  • Once I’ve got the older videos all on here, I’ll probably just post here rather than xTube; that site is so shit now, it’s barely worth my time.

Your videos look very hot. I’d love to meet you. Can you tell me your Romeo profile so I can text you there easier. I forgot to save it

  • Thanks, I’m glad you like the videos. My profile on Gay Romeo (and most sites) is rogerkint. You can also email me at rogerkint AT gmail DOT com if you like.

Love your posts :). Especially the ones where you get fucked. Keep em coming man!

  • Thanks! I’ll do my best, though I’ve been pretty busy the last few months plus haven’t really found many guys up for filming. Hopefully that changes soon 😉

Just for curiousity – what HIV meds do you take? Do you have any side effects? Did you change the regimen since you first started?

  • I’ve been on Atripla since the beginning. I get some crazy dreams now and then, but that’s about it. I have noticed that it’s harder to get rid of the stomach wobble, but that could just be old age!

Love watching you breed lads. And its great you’ve now got your own site. Just one plea… please can you still write up a description of the encounter: how you met, how old they are, what you did to them. It’s a turn on to read prior to watching you get down to business. Keep up the breeding!

  • I’m glad you like the videos. I thought quite a bit about descriptions on videos and in the end decided against them for a couple of reasons: First, as you may have noticed from xTube, they’re very same-y. There are only so many ways to say “I fucked this guy” or “This guy fucked me” particularly when most guys don’t want to be clearly identifiable. That gets pretty boring pretty quickly. Second, I get messages from people saying “I really like the video with the twink” or something like that, and then it takes forever to figure out which one they’re talking about; so this makes it easier in those instances. And finally; trying to come up with something interesting to say for each video isn’t my strong suit; I’m not a creative person at all. I appreciate that some people would prefer the descriptions, but for now I’m going to stick to a clear numbering system as I’d like to keep the site as focussed as possible on what it’s for; sharing my exploits.

your videos are so horny – I love BB anal sex

  • Thanks. Me too 😛

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