Questions answered – 2

Hey buddy when you going to be adding new videos their fucking amazing

  • As soon as I can find guys up for making them! March was a ridiculously busy month for me so I had no time for meeting up with people. I know I need to up my game now though. Volunteers?

Your vids are so hot! Have you ever taped you fucking pussy? Would you be willing to do so? I’d love to see you do a mmf!

  • I’ve never filmed that and I would love to! Chances are pretty slim though; I don’t meet many girls, and I’m even less likely to meet any who are up for having sex with me. If there are any girls out there who are up for making some videos together, get in touch!

Roger, While I appreciate your videos, could you possibly add some spice… Other than just seeing you ride someone’s dick, a cock going in & out out your ass, or you sucking on one. Try some cum shoots or maybe playing with a toy as well as a cock up yer ass!. Be creative baby, you are gifted, so make it special. Dare to be different cause you are! Anything please…..

  • Sorry, I appreciate there isn’t much variety, but to be honest that’s because I’m a pretty vanilla guy; I’m really not into toys or anything kinky, and I find wank vids incredibly dull which is why I tend not to make them. I’ll try my best to change things up a bit, but I wouldn’t hold out if I were you.

Love the videos mate. Definitely love to having a breeding session with u. Ever up in Glasgow?

  • I’ve only ever been once, and that was to visit a friend, so unlikely to be up there again any time soon.

Hi hows it going would love to do something with you sometime

  • Feel free to send me some photos – rogerkint AT gmail DOT com πŸ˜‰

Been watching (stalking) yr videos for awhile and you still make me cum bucket loadsπŸ˜‰ I follow u on Twitter…

  • I aim to please! Glad you’re enjoying them.

How old were you when you go you cock pierced and what made you want to get it done?

  • I think it was early 2010 that I got it done; I seem to recall it was about March/April time. And I’ve always loved piercings and tattoos but there weren’t many I could get with my job. Seemed like a PA had multiple benefits πŸ˜‰

Great site! A buddy pointed me to it, and I’m glad he did. Would love to watch you play while I’m in London next month

  • Email me! -rogerkint AT gmail DOT com

hey, just wanted to say that you have The best post site on the Internet! I’ve been looking for ages for a site with a really hot breeder. you kinda remind me of the Porn Star James Allen which is a massive plus. I gotta ask though, what happened to video 79? also doesn’t it hurt fucking with that cock ring?

  • I’ll definitely take that as a compliment, though I don’t really see the similarity myself, but thanks! Post 79 isn’t a video; it’s a series of photos, so that might be part of the confusion πŸ˜› And nope, it doesn’t hurt at all; I wouldn’t have the piercing if it caused any pain for me (or anyone I’m fucking).

Hey hottie I have a naughty request- would you do a pic from your pissing cock- I mean pov on a pissoir or toilette Hopefully it isnt too nasty I request all my fav Twitter guys πŸ˜‰ Would you do that for me sexy stud? Would be a honorπŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜ You make so hard when I think of getting it

  • Sorry to let you down but that sort of thing really doesn’t appeal to me.

Hi, I’m one of your long time fans. I’ve followed you on x-tube for a long time and I’ve always loved the way you made your videos. I’ve always thought you are one of the sexiest men on Earth. I just wanted to compliment you and tell you that if I ever come to London, I would love to take part in your adventures. I hope you have a good day with lots of sex.

  • Thanks! I’m glad you like the videos. Let me know if you do come to London. πŸ™‚

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  1. Whats it like having a piercing been thinking of it myself does it feel different when you are going at it

    1. I find it quite hard to describe, but yes it’s definitely different. It certainly feels better for me. The best analogy I can find is if you are used to wearing a watch and then forget to put it on one day; it just feels like you’re missing something and it’s not quite right. Fucking definitely feels better with the ring in, but I struggle to describe what exactly the difference is.

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